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Bubblee Lauren's Official Tumblr!
You are friends with lauren? Omg so lucky!ye0jafan

Yes we are. Korean mods have met Lauren few times :)

Baby Lauren

do you have any pictures of lauren as a baby? like below 3 or so years? her brothers just so cute i wonder what she looked like back then lolAnonymous

Yes we do have some few pictures :) we will post them today! 

bubblee or bubbly? btw what is bubbly meansAnonymous

Bubblee is Lauren’s fandom name chosen by her fans. Bubbly is Lauren’s fan cafe name. Bubbly means energetic


I was looking at dress for little kids [ I have nieces…] when I noticed something oddly familiar about the girl.

Is that Lauren Lunde from Hello Baby??

It is Lauren :)

131123 - Babies reunited with Mblaq appas!

131123 Mblaq Concert - @MBLAQjcb @LaurenLunde 안녕하세요!!로렌도 오늘 많이 당황스러웟겟어요 ㅎㅎ 지하철에서 사진찍을수잇게 해주셔서 감사합니다!!로렌이쁘다고전해주세요 ㅎㅎ

131123 - Mblaq Concert - Leo and Lauren

cr: @nazcamaria

131123 Mblaq Concert - Meeting after 20 months~