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Bubblee Lauren's Official Tumblr!

1/50 Lauren Lunde

Would you mind if i used the background you have? I'll definately give you crdit on my page and a link ^^Anonymous

yes you may ^^*

GYMITT. Lauren singing “Appa Himnaesaeyo” :”>

Lauren playing the Candyland Game she received from the A+ on MBLAQATTACK.NET

Ballerina Lauren!


This fanart we are using as a tumblr background is made by: ~zhengjiayu on deviantart!

if lauren will appear on the show or variety show in korea again? i really miss lauren :(Anonymous

There is still no news about that. But please wait :3 

Could you contact or DM mblaq in Twitter to continue their concert in Singapore? :( #SingaporeWantsMBLAQ :( :( :(Anonymous

Hi! We can’t do anything about that. :( We don’t have any connections to concerts and stuffs